Alabama State

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Band Name

Mighty Marching Hornets


161 Instruments or More

Band Director

James B. Oliver

School President

Dr. William H. Harris

Band Bio

The ”Marching Hornets” of Alabama State are known for both their musicianship and their showmanship. The band is directed by Dr. James B. Oliver, who was recently honored for his dedication and professional leadership by the “Alabama Big 3” Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

The “Marching Hornets,” whose motto is “The Price of Glory Is High,” first gained nationwide recognition in 1967 after their halftime performance during the nationally televised N.Y. Jets vs. K.C. Chiefs game. They have since continued their tradition of excellence with performances that include:  the second annual Atlanta Freedom Bowl Classic in 1985; the Detroit Football Classic in 2003 and 2004; and the Honda Battle of the Bands at the Georgia Dome in 2006. The band also appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2007.

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