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Accredited members of the news media may submit a credential request to join us for the 2023 Honda Battle of the Bands which will take place on February 18th, 2023 at Alabama State University in Montgomery, Alabama. Learn More about this epic event and Honda's long-standing support of HBCUs.
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“…the Battle of the Bands remains an important celebration of black musical expression and band culture of H.B.C.U.s … “
---The Washington Post
“Uniformity in every way is paramount… Then synchronized chaos ensues: Lines form, knees march high, never halting, sometimes dancing. They are Stormtroopers with soul, a military parade with funk.”
---The Washington Post
“The staple of today’s black college football halftime—the drum major opening the show by high-kicking his way to midfield then doing his trademark back bend until his head touches the ground; the marching band struttin’ onto the field with superb instrumentation and intricate formations; the dance squad displaying dazzling style and steps.”
---The Birmingham Times
“Honda Battle of the Bands is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that helps HBCU student musicians showcase their talent and discover their greatness, both on and off the field…”
---USA Today
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