We're bringing Homecoming to Honda Battle of the Bands! Ten HBCUs will kick off HBOB 2023 with a parade around the event's campus.

Be sure to tune in to see the fleet as they bring HBCU Homecoming energy straight to the field.

Homecoming is an annual celebration that most schools across the nation look forward to every year, but at HBCUs, homecomings are THE event of the year. During homecoming season the energy on an HBCU campus is palpable. With step shows, football games and pep rally's, homecoming presents a kind of pride, family and culture that can only be found on an HBCU campus. It's a celebrated moment marked by the institution's crown jewel: the Marching Bands!

Meet the Fleet

Alabama State University
Montgomery, Alabama
Home of the Alabama Hornets

Virginia State University
Petersburg, Virginia
Home of the Virginia Trojans

Alabama A&M University
Hunstville, Alabama
Home of the Bulldogs

Savannah State University

Savannah, Georgia
Home of the Savannah Tigers

LIvingstone College

Salisbury, North Carolina
Home of the Blue Bears

Winston-Salem State University

Winston Salem, North Carolina
Home of the Winston Rams

Shaw University

Raleigh North, Carolina
Home of the Bears

Langston University

Langston, Oklahoma
Home of the Langston Lions

Texas Southern University

Houston, Texas
Home of the Texas Tigers

Morgan State University

Baltimore, Maryland
Home of the Bears